Monday, October 13, 2008

Kundalini - Al Buraq, Unicorn

Raphael (Self-realised painter from Renaissance Italy)
The unicorn is a symbol of purity and the virgin Kundalini Shakti.
It is often depicted with a chaste maiden.

Medieval tapestry

Like the Unicorn, Al Buraq -the winged Horse-like creature with the head of a woman desribed in the Koran - is a symbol of the sacred Kundalini energy which carries the yogi through the seven Chakras to the Heavenly realm of the Crown Chakra. She is an instance of the Feminine Divine in Islam and was the vehicle for Lord Muhammad's Nigth Journey (Miraj) throught the 7 heavens (7 chakras)
In the illustration above, the Prophet is shown surrounded by an aura of flame, and riding on Al Buraq, accompanied by angels.

Al Buraq on a record cover.


Emma said...

Hi Jeronimus,
Your blog is wonderful, so restful and good for the heart! I love spending time there every now and then. I was delighted to discover your post about the Kundalini and the Unicorn. And because you are a welcome and valued member on my own blog, I like to send you the link to my poem about the chasted Lady. Hope you don't mind.

jeronimus said...

Hi Emma
Thanks for sending the link. I loved your poem. The idea of chastity needs to be valued again.
In Indian culture, the goddess of chastity is Shri Vishnumaya, who takes the form of lightning - showing how brilliant and powerful chastity is.